As our hospice community’s advocacy efforts evolve, it is necessary to further develop financial support for The Alliance.  We are asking for your financial commitment to push The Alliance forward.   Please include The Alliance in your annual budget.  As a 501(c)(4), The Alliance relies upon your support to continue our efforts in Jackson, Baton Rouge and Washington.  It is our hope that businesses operating within the industry will contribute to support this effort.

We suggest to base contributions on your average daily census over the past year:


Corporate Size Average Daily Census Suggested Membership Level
Tier 1 Agencies 751+ patients $10,000
Tier 2 Agencies 500-750 patients $5,000
Tier 3 Agencies 250-499 patients $2,500
Tier 4 Agencies 100-249 patients $1,500
Tier 5 Agencies 50-99 patients $1,000
Tier 6 Agencies less than 50 patients $500



How to Donate:

Please make checks out to the Alliance for the Advancement of End or Life Care or AAEOLC and mail to: 

Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care
PO Box 84566
Baton Rouge, LA 70884