About Us

The Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care (also known as The Alliance) is organized to provide enhanced advocacy activities for the Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (LMHPCO) and its members.  It is committed to protecting end of life care in Louisiana and Mississippi.  This is done by advocating for legislative policies on behalf of the hospice and palliative care community.  Much of this activity takes place in Baton Rouge, LA and Jackson, MS state capitols.  The Alliance also undertakes broad-based research and data analysis activities to support the hospice and palliative care community in its outreach efforts to target patient populations, as well as raise the overall awareness to the services provided.

The Alliance is funded solely through financial contributions and commitments of the hospice providers and industry of Mississippi and Louisiana. Your financial support is essential to the Alliance’s impact on our two-state and federal regulations. The 501(c)4 designation requires a separation from the LMHPCO in oversight, therefore it has its own board, executive director’s and mission. The composition of the board directly reflects those in our Hospice industry committed to preserving the balance of government in quality end of life care issues.

The work of the Alliance, along with the work of LMHPCO, allows us to defend and hold on to what we already have. It allows us to preserve and protect what is ours – and plan for our future as an industry.


Will LMHPCO continue to be involved in public policy?

LMHPCO’s work on regulatory issues and compliance will continue just as it does now. Valuable relationships between LMHPCO and CMS, as well as Louisiana and Mississippi Medicaid will continue unabated. LMHPCO will continue its productive work with regulatory partners. LMHPCO will continue to look at legislative issues and provide analysis. Dialog at the LMHPCO Board table involving public policy issues will continue just as it always has. LMHPCO will continue to develop a Public Policy agenda, just as it does now. The difference is we now have an affiliate lobbying organization that will be able to take this agenda and make it heard more clearly and broadly in our state Capitol. Advocacy efforts of the Alliance will support and expand the public policy work done by LMHPCO. 

Will there be extra costs to members to fund the Alliance?

The work of the Alliance will support issues of importance to every one of us. This will be done without increasing your membership dues. LMHPCO will not take away from the funding currently going to our existing programs. The Alliance will be funded through donations coming from provider organizations in our field. All LMHPCO members have the opportunity to participate in the advocacy activities of the Alliance. 

How can smaller organizations support the work of the Alliance?

Financial contributions to support the work of the Alliance are welcome from all providers. There are other vitally important activities that support the Alliance that do not involve funding. Those not supporting the Alliance through financial means can still contribute through participation in grassroots advocacy.  Every one of you can play a part.

Why can’t LMHPCO continue doing things just as it has been?

For many years, the hospice industry has been successful with state legislation by “flying under the radar.” What has worked in the past is no longer advisable or acceptable. Continuing business as usual in terms of advocacy will ultimately put hospice far behind in terms of strength and effectiveness. Hospice is recognized as an integral component of quality healthcare in this country. In order for us to take our rightful and hard-earned place at the legislative table, we must mature in terms of our advocacy strategy. 

Will the funders guide the direction of the Alliance?

No. While significant resources are needed to launch this comprehensive lobbying organization, those funding this program will not set the policy agenda. The LMHPCO Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the policy agenda of the hospice community. The Alliance will focus on Access, Quality and Educational issues we all should be concerned about.

Is the LMHPCO Board in support of this?

Yes. The possibility of a new affiliate organization to serve hospice has been under discussion at the Board table for several years. The creation of the Alliance was approved by the LMHPCO Board of Directors. Establishing the Alliance is the right thing to do for the right reasons.