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2022 Legislative Session

Week 2 Update


This week the MS Legislature focused on three priorities of the leadership: eliminating the state income tax, raising the salaries of teachers in the state, and creating a medical marijuana program.


On Thursday, January 13th, the Mississippi House passed HB 531, also known as “The Mississippi Tax Freedom Act”. This bill reduces the tax burden on Mississippians by eliminating the income tax, cutting the grocery tax from 7% to 4% over six years, and cutting the cost of car tags by 50%. This tax cut corresponds with a sales tax increase of 1.5% (7% to 8.5%). HB 531 passed 97-12 and will be sent to the Senate. 


On Thursday, January 13th, the Mississippi House also passed HB 530, also known as “The START Act”. This bill provides for a teacher pay raise of $4,000-$6,000 for each teacher starting next year. This bill will make the average starting salary of MS teachers higher than the southeastern average. Teacher Assistants will also receive a raise of $2000. This bill passed 114-6 and will be sent to the Senate. 


On Thursday, January 13th, the Mississippi Senate passed SB 2095, also known as the “Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act”. This bill creates a medical cannabis program in MS consistent with the will of the voters as demonstrated by Initiative 65 in 2021. Under the Senate bill, a Mississippian that was prescribed a medical marijuana card would be eligible to buy 3.5 grams of cannabis seven times a week, but no more than 28 times a month. That amount is equivalent to 3.5 ounces a month. The bill would apply the state's 7% sales tax and a new 5% excise tax to cannabis. Meaning, if a person bought $100 of cannabis they would pay $12 in taxes. This bill passed 47-5, and will be sent to the House on Monday. 


While some bills have been assigned to committee, most are still waiting on assignment. The deadline for the introduction of general bills and constitutional amendments is Monday, January 17, so many committees are waiting until all bills are filed to hold meetings.  Floor action will pick up next week as bills are brought out of committee.  Bills must be passed out of committee before they are considered by each chamber of the legislature. Please refer to the attachment for a list of bills we are currently monitoring on behalf of your organization.

Week 2 Bill Status Report


Week 1 Update

Tuesday, January 4th saw the commencement of the 2022 legislative session. Medical marijuana, elimination of the state income tax, and the allocation of the state's 1.8 billion in ARPA funding will be the major issues of the session. As of this morning, approximately 625 bills have been reported in the House and Senate and assigned to a committee. Each year over 3,000 bills are introduced prior to the committee deadline. Our team reads every bill and assigns it to our tracking software if it is of interest to the hospice industry. Weekly legislative reports will be added each Friday recapping the events of the week which will contain a tracking report showing the current status of all legislation that is being monitored.  We anticipate House and Senate committees will begin meeting as soon as Tuesday of next week to take up legislation. 

Happy New Year to you! We look forward to a productive 2022 legislative session. 

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