HB 418 by Rep. LaCombe exempts facilities licensed by LDH that has patients using medical marijuana from prosecution for certain violations of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.  Signed by Governor Edwards

HB 455 by Rep. LaCombe adds any condition for which a patient is receiving hospice care or palliative care to the list of debilitating medical conditions recommended for medical marijuana. 

HB 589 by Rep. Echols requires LDH to periodically review Medicaid telehealth reimbursement policies and identify variations between the Medicaid and Medicare programs.  Authorizes LDH to modify Medicaid rules, policies and procedures applicable to telehealth services to provide for a reimbursement system that is comparable to the Medicare program.  Requires LDH to include the following information relating to telehealth in its Medicaid policies and procedures:

  • Exhaustive list of covered healthcare services that may be furnished through telehealth.
  • Processes by which providers can submit claims for reimbursement for healthcare services furnished through telehealth.
  • Conditions under which a managed care organization may reimburse a provider or facility that is no physically located in Louisiana for healthcare services furnished to a Louisiana Medicaid enrollee through telehealth.

HB 595 by Rep. Davis. Creates the Task Force on Opioid Use Prevention, Treatment and Recovery within LDH. LMHPCO is listed as a stakeholder. The purposes of the task force shall include:

  • Leading a statewide policy response, coordinating resources, and engaging stakeholders across Louisiana concerning prevention and treatment of opioid use disorder.
  • Developing recommendations on an annual basis to inform legislative and executive actions that address opioid use prevention, treatment, and recovery.

HB 819 by Rep. Bagley authorizes the recommendation of medical marijuana for additional conditions, including hospice and palliative care, and allows any state-licensed physician to recommend medical marijuana. 

SB 169 by Sen. Mills implements a facility need review process for home- and community-based service providers, adult day healthcare providers, hospice providers or inpatient hospice facilities, pediatric day healthcare facilities, behavioral health services providers that provide psychosocial rehabilitation or community psychiatric support and treatment services, and opioid treatment programs licensed under a behavioral health services provider license.

SB 483 by Sen. Mills allows the Louisiana Department of Health to proceed with rulemaking to expand the minimum requirements for hospice licensure to include eligible participants that have not been given a terminally ill diagnosis upon recommendation of the Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council created pursuant to R.S. 40:2018.6 and approval by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

2020 Legislative Tracking List