Opioid Disposal
In 2018 the Louisiana Legislature passed a law authorizing hospices to dispose of a patients medication after death.  Later that year Congress passed a similar law which permits hospice employees to dispose of unused medication in a patients home.  Under Medicare Hospices are required to have written policies and procedures for managing and disposing of controlled drugs in a patients home and documentation in the patients record that the policies were provided and discussed.

How to Safely Dispose of Unused Medication Ways to Prevent Opioid Diversion
  1. Drop off at a drug take back site in your area.
  2. Flush the medication if it is on the FDA flush list.
  3. Mix with dirt, cat litter or unused coffee grounds in a sealed plastic bag and throw away at home.
  1. Count controlled substances at each visit.  This should be done for every patient at every visit.
  2. Limit the supply of medication in homes where diversion is suspected.
  3. Use a lockbox for medication and only allow access certain individuals and hospice staff.


Drug Policy Board's Advisory Council on Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education
The HOPE Council was created by the Louisiana State Legislature in 2017.  The purpose of the council is to establish an Interagency Heroin and Opioid Coordination Plan.

2019 HOPE End of Year Report
2020 HOPE End of Year Report
2021 HOPE End of Year Report